Thursday, 28 February 2013


You have less than six hours to put in your bid for the Susan Falk painting now being sold in silent auction. Bidding ends at midnight tonight. Remember if the winning bid is at or over 2000 dollars the winner will receive an autographed copy of David Suzuki's book "Tree A Life Story". Bidding is currently at $450.00.

Send your bids to Susan Falk at  .

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Watchers of Langley Forests is pleased to announce that it recently received two autographed copies from David Suzuki of his book "Tree A Life Story" . This winner of the Canadian Science Writers Association Award was co-authored with Wayne Grady and illustrated by Robert Bateman.. Both books have an inscription in them from David Suzuki that reads in part "Thank you for supporting WOLF"

 An accompanying letter from Dr. Suzuki's assistant reads in part;

"Please keep up the great work, Dr. Suzuki is always delighted to hear about the great work of groups like yours and though he is unable to visit you personally he is always there with you in spirit."

WOLF would like to thank Dr. Suzuki for his generous gift. It will help greatly in our fundraising. WOLF understands the constraints that Dr. Suzuki has on his time and attention. We hope to report to him one day that we have been successful in saving all of the Mclellan Forest East.

As regular readers of this blog will know since mid January WOLF has been auctioning off by silent auction a painting by artist Susan Falk. .Funds raised will go towards our general expenses. This silent auction concludes at the end of February. WOLF is pleased to announce that should the winning  bid for the the painting be $2000 or more WOLF will give one of the autographed books without further cost to the winning bidder.

People can give their bids in person at the Fort Gallery or by sending their bids to Susan Falk at 

Please remember that bids should be made in increments of fifty dollars. There are only eight days to go until bidding concludes so act soon. Better yet ACT NOW. By doing so you could not only become a proud owner of a beautiful painting and an autographed book by an eminent Canadian but you will be helping Watchers of Langley Forests speak up for the forests of Langley Township.

Kirk Robertson
Watchers of Langley Forests

Monday, 4 February 2013


On December 10 a member of WOLF received a letter from the provincial Ministry of the Environment regarding the Mclellan Forest East or the Gray Pit Lands. This letter was presented to Township Council at the Council meeting that night. Due to some technical issues it has not been accessible to the general public until now. Most recently the letter was featured in Global News story featured in the blog post below. We hope that the image is large enough to read.

The letter was written after a survey of the property by Ministry officials and after the Ministry was provided with  a number of relevant documents.. As you can read the letter identifies the property as having "high ecological value" and being an "high acquisition priority" but "Unfortunately the Ministry of Environment is unable to contribute" .

WOLF urges members of the public to write to the Minister of the Environment  Terry Lake. Given the Township Council's failure to heed this and other documents identifying this property as having environmental value the involvement of the Provincial Government may be the only thing that could save this ecological gem.
NOTE Although the letter refers to the "Langley Forest" it should be clear by it's description as being east of 257A street that it is referring to the land variously know as Mclellan Forest East or the Gray Pit Lands.

Saturday, 2 February 2013