Monday, 27 June 2016


This is a reminder for WOLF members and a notice for interested public that Watchers of Langley Forests will be having our 3rd Annual General Meeting on Wednesday June 29,2016 at the BC Farm Museum (9131 King Street) at 6:30 pm. The main purpose of the meeting will be receive a report from the Board of Directors, a Treasurer's report, and to fill those seats on the Board of Directors that are up for election.

As I explained in an email to the members  a while back the Directors have decided that in stead  of having a guest speaker for the AGM  a meeting of the general membership will be held to discuss the ongoing business of WOLF immediately after the AGM. We are calling it a semi-regular meeting because we don't know how much they will be tied to the calendar.

On the agenda of that semi-regular meeting will be the subject of the forest at Gloucester Estates. A post about that issue will be out Tuesday.

Kirk Robertson
WOLF Chair

Kirk Robertson                                                                                        Chairperson
26215 84th Ave.                                                                                                                 Phone/Fax:  856-6849
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Official Notice

Annual General Meeting
           Watchers of Langley Forests
Date:      June 29,2016

Time:      6:30 pm

Place:     BC Farm Museum
9131 King St ,
    Fort Langley, B.C.                   
For directions or more information                         
Phone Kirk Robertson at 604-856-6849
or email:       

AGM to be followed by a (Semi-)Regular Meeting of W.O.L.F.  

We will be electing a Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving on the Board please contact Kirk Robertson.