Wednesday, 15 May 2013


 The 91st Annual May Day Parade in Fort Langley will  be held on Victoria Day Monday, May 20,2013. This Fort Langley tradition will  begin on Church Street at 11 am and end at  the Fort Langley Community Park where the May Pole Dancing will begin. Check out the pancake breakfast at the *Fort Langley Seniors Hall 23022 – 88 Avenue before the parad or the famous Lions  BBQ chicken in the park afterward. This great family event will also feature children's rides and Mini-Golf.**

 WOLF is organizing the creation of a forest-themed float to participate in the parade. We need volunteers to help with the following tasks:

a)4-6 people interested in helping to prepare the float with signage and general decoration of the flatbed. This will take place sometime during the long weekend.

b)4-6 people interested in being in the parade on the float. We are looking for someone interested in being a lumberjack.  We might also consider a couple of "picknickers" to complete the scene  

c)People to help collect signatures for our latest petition and to hand out pamphlets. This could be during and after the parade. 

For more information contact me  Kirk Robertson at

By Thursday evening  we should know what the parade lineup is. So we will know who is behind and ahead of our float! The pro and anti bagpipe camps will be holding their collective breaths until then. That said we hope you will be able to join us in enjoying this great day. 

*The Lions  Pancake Breakfast is at the Seniors Hall is from 8am to 10;30am. This is by donation.
** The Fort Langley Community Park will feature all the  fun and festivities(including live entertainment) from 1pm to 4pm.




Watchers of Langley Forests has launched a petition campaign calling upon Township of Langley Council  to permanently protect  the Glen Valley forest properties withdrawn from the market in late January . Under a provision of the Community Charter the Council can act by 2/3 vote of all council members  to set aside property the municipality owns for conservation or heritage conservation purposes. Once that occurs the status of the property can't change without holding a referendum.

The relevant section of the Community Charter reads:

Reservation and dedication of municipal property

Subsection 5 of Section 30 goes on to say:

The legislation can found at this site.

The petition text is as below. You can view the complete format here. 

We, the undersigned, are concerned that the Township has not legally protected the forested Glen Valley properties, owned by the Township of Langley, that have been taken off the market in response to public opposition to the sales.

These lands are extremely significant due to their high ecological and heritage value. There is currently no park development or management plan in place for either of these parcels of land and nothing to prohibit the current or future council and administration from selling any part of them.


Provide immediate legal protection of the forested properties of McLellan Park (west) and Gray pit lands (McLellan Park east) under Section 30 of the Community Charter which enables Council to preserve all of these properties through a 2/3rd majority vote to designate them as a “heritage conservation” area.

If you would like to sign the petition we will have a list of locations up shortly or you can contact us at our email address  We will also be attending some public events to collect signatures. You can also contact us if you would like to help gather signatures.

Friday, 10 May 2013


Check out these stories about Susan Falk's art show "Written in the Forest" in the Langley Advance and the Langley Times.

All of us at WOLF hope you can make it to the Opening tomorrow (12pm to 3pm) but if not you have to May 26 to see the paintings at the Fort Gallery.

Remember if there is something you really like or you just want to help WOLF out you can buy a painting in the silent auction. Bidding starts at $350. Contact The  Fort Galley at 604-888-7411 or to make your bid.

Go here to see a slide show of the paintings.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Dear friends of McLellan Forest:

You are most cordially invited to attend Susan Falk’s opening art gala on May 11.

Local artist Susan Falk has been inspired by McLellan Forest and by some of the poems of the Han Shan poets to create a series of forest paintings in which she has embedded phrases from selected forest poems.  

On Saturday May 11 from 12-3 pm at The Fort Gallery in Fort Langley, Susan is having an art show opening during which thirteen of the Han Shan poets will be reading their forest poems.

Susan is conducting a silent auction of her work whereby proceeds from the sale of the paintings will go to the continuing work of WOLF (Watchers of Langley Forests) to ensure that the forest is officially and permanently protected. 

You can have a sneak peak starting today. Here is the information about place and times.

Written in the Forest
Opening: Saturday May 11, 12-3 pm
Show runs: May 8th - 26th
The Fort Gallery
9048 Glover Road
Fort Langley, BC
Gallery Hours: Wed.-Sun. 12-5 pm
The Fort Gallery

Go to the Fort Gallery site to see the slide show of the paintings.


Greeting to the Wax Poetic Audience. Welcome to the MclellanPark blogspot site. If you are looking for the google map to get to the forest here is a link. You can always find the same link on the right-hand side of the page under Links of Interest. If you would like to read more about Susan McCaslin and the Han Shan poetry project you can read this article in Common Ground that she wrote. If you would like to know more about the forest and it's ecological value you can  read this environmental report.

To find the poem Lover's Tree go here and scroll down.

If you would like to get involved or have a specific question get in touch with Watchers of Langley Forest  by writing to

If you would like further updates join the WOLF  mailing list or like us on facebook.

For more about Susan Falk Arts Event  watch this page.


Susan McCaslin, friend of the forest,award-winning poet, and initiator of the Han Shan Poetry Project,  will appear on Co-op Radio today Wednesday May 8 to talk about the Han Shan Poetry Initiative and Susan Falk’s upcoming art show.  Han Shan poet Fiona Lam will be joining her. 

The program is called Wax Poetic and it runs.between 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm.The show is archived on the the web. A link will be provided as soon as it is available. The station call letters are CFRO 100.5. You can listen live  in the following ways:

Radio: 100.5 FM
Satellite: Starchoice 845
Telus TV: Channel 3718
Internet: Select either of the options marked 128kbs or 32kbs beside the icon marked Listen Now on the top left hand side of this  webpage 

If you would like to know more about Susan's efforts on behalf of Mclellan Forest East you can read this article in Common Ground. that she wrote or this piece where she talks about how she sees art and social activism interacting.

Susan McCaslin has did a tremendous amount of work towards saving the forest in the last six months and deserves the thanks of everyone who wants to keep it safe.
Here is a link to a  blog post featuring three poems that Susan wrote after being inspired by the forest.