McLellan Park Fundraising Pledge Drive

We need your help to preserve these priceless natural spaces. Please make a financial commitment to contribute to making their enduring preservation a reality. Currently the Township of Langley is willing to sell the McLellan Park East lands for $3,000,000 cdn. If WOLF does not complete the purchase of these properties by December 17th, the Township of Langley has committed to selling these properties on the open market.

The McLellan Park West lands have been taken off the market but are still held as "surplus properties" by the Township. While the current mayor and council have publicly stated that these properties probably won't be put back on the market on this term, they do not have any long-term protection.

Due to the limited time frame imposed by the purchase agreement for the McLellan Park East properties, the uncertainty surrounding the actual protection status for the McLellan Park West properties and our need to investigate some legal and tax issues we feel that it is inappropriate to collect actual cash donations specifically for the protection of these properties. Instead, we are hoping that, as a community, we will all come together and pledge our financial commitment to preserving these lands.

Please email us at with your personal, family or business name; address; phone number; email address and amount pledged. Please advise if you would like your name and amount pledged added to this web page. If no express permission is given to add your name to this site your pledge will be listed as anonymous.

Together we pledge as follows...

Saving these forests is a priority to me/us. I/we pledge our financial support to protecting these lands. Upon successful raising of adequate funding pledges and arrangement of permanent public or non-profit operation/conservation of these properties I/we commit to the following contribution...


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