Monday, 13 August 2012


 Thank you to everyone who came out to help with the forest walks yesterday. We won't win this fight without your support and many others like you. Thanks also to those who came out yesterday and took a walk in the woods. I hope you all signed the petition. Those of you  who volunteered to take a petition sheet home with you and collect signatures are especially appreciated.

A big Thank you also  to Councillor David Davis, who took the time in a busy day to drop by and show his support once more.We hope he is not the last member of the Council to do so.

And thank you to Radio Canada and CBC for coming out to cover this important story.

As many of you know the name of Mclellan Park and by extension this blog are taken from the pioneer family .the Mclellans. It was especially heartening  to have two senior members of the family,John and Phylis  Mclellan drop by to show their support. Thank you to them and indeed other members of the Mclellan family. We hope the background information that they provided will prove fruitful. Certainly learning about early Langley history is always interesting.

As always people need to make their voices heard by writing to Mayor and Council and also writing letters to the editor.

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