Friday, 7 September 2012


Brandon Gabriel a well known artist and member of the Kwantlen First Nation,has sent a letter tonight , by way of email,  to Langley Township Mayor and Council.In it he asks Township Council to defer a decision regarding the sale of the McLellan Park East forested lands until Chief and Council have an opportunity to weigh in on the issue. This is due to the heritage value that the forest has for Kwantlen First Nation. Here is the link
UPDATE Brandon Gabriel has also applied to speak as a delegate at the next evening meeting of Council Monday September 10.


  1. Your enduring stewardship and virtue of perseverance is now a strong force towards greater truth resounding from the voice eloquently given to Samaaqua by Brandon Gabriel and the voice given to the people by Kim Richter in her letter to the editor of the Langley Times published September 10th 2012. The impulse W.O.L.F. has evoked towards greater beauty in the preservation of the earth's organs of breath and greater truth in calling for responsibility in community has become inspirational as a healing force for which W.O.L.F. must be recognized - in deep appreciation.