Friday, 16 August 2013


 As loyal readers of this site will know last May Susan Falk launched her Written in the Forest show at the Fort Gallery. This arts initiative  builds on the work of poet Susan McCaslin and all the other poets who worked on the Han Shan Poetry project. Susan's work to bring attention to cause of saving Mclellan Forest East began many months before May. The  effort  that she has brought to this issue has been remarkable. In the months since Council's unfortunate decision to save only a portion of the forest  she has brought some much needed publicity to the cause. WOLF supporters should also know that because of  her generosity Susan Falk was recently able to write WOLF a cheque for 1500 dollars from partial proceeds from the sale of the Written in the Forest paintings. WOLF is very grateful for this donation.

Her generosity and work has not gone unnoticed. It was recently announced on Canada Day that Susan Falk  was the recipient of the 2013 Individual Environment Hero award for Langley. This honour is richly deserved.On behalf of WOLF I would like to congratulate Susan Falk as well as the other recipients*.

Susan Falk and the other recipients will be honoured in the Langley Environmental Hero 2013 Tree Planting ceremony to  be held this  Saturday August 17th ,  11am  at  the Heritage Orchard of the Fort Langley National Historic Site. The adresss is  23433 Mavis Avenue, Fort Langley.
 The ceremony is presented by Mark Warawa, MP, Langley , Langley Environmental Partners Society, the Fort Langley National Historic Site and The Langley Times.

* The recipients are:
Langley Field Naturalists-Organization or Business.
Susan Falk -Individual
Maxime Labreque-Youth
Honourable mention to Miller Banks.
See this article to read about the achievements of each recipients. I note with pride that Watchers of Langley Forests was a nominee in the category of Organization or Business. You can watch this video to hear a list of all the nominees read out during the announcement ceremony on Canada Day. Congratulations to our fellow nominees.

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