Monday, 20 January 2014


  I hope that all of you will find the time  to help the  residents of Aldergrove who fighting to save this neighbourhood forest.
Please spread the word about this
Public hearings will be held at the Monday evening council this January 20 regarding the Township's development proposal for the former sewage treatment site between Bertrand Creek and the Abbotsford border. The address is 27540 28th Avenue. The site is now used as a water treatment site and is also the location of the Aldergrove weather station..Township has deemed most of the property to be surplus and has applied through an agent for the land to be subdivided into sixty-one single-family  lots. The southern portion of the development would mean cutting down a large part of the forest on the property. Local residents have organized a petition asking Council to scrap the twenty lots that would impact on the forest. We need people to come out to the hearings to show their support for the local neighbourhood. Aldergrove and Langley at large should not be loosing any of our rare urban forests. Although setbacks from the ecologically sensitive Bertrand Creek have been provided for under the plan building near the Creek should be approached with caution. I hope you will attend the hearings. This will be the last chance for the public to weigh in on this issue.  As in days past please wear green to show your support for the cause. Just so there is no confusion this is not about the Glen Valley forests which were for sale by Township and have since been spared.
If you are unable to attend in person please consider signing the electronic petition at
or more importantly writing a letter to the Township.
If you are unsure about what you could write or how to word what you’d like to express, e-mail with subject heading: Request Letter, and you’ll receive an e-mail with a letter you
can sign and forward to
You can find contact information for Mayor and Councillors here

Langley Township Council will be meeting at 7pm in the Fraser River Presentation Theatre Civic Facility, located at the 4th Floor, 20338 – 65 Avenue, Langley
Wear Green to show your support for keeping this forest intact.
This is not the only forest that is could be threatened by Township's decisions this year so stay tuned for further news.

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