Saturday, 17 May 2014


Check out what poet Susan McCaslin and artist Susan Falk are up to this month.

Susan Falk's art exhibition(in collaboration with Kristin Krimmel) The French Connection runs from May 9-25 at the Fort Gallery in Fort Langley. Tonight May 17 at 7pm Susan McCaslin and fellow poet Lee Johnson will join the exhibition for a joint poetry book launch. Susan McCaslin  for her book "The Disarmed Heart" and Lee Johnson for his book "Poetria Nova"

Susan McCaslin and Susan Falk were instrumental in helping  Watchers of Langley Forest save Mclellan Forest East(now the Blaauw Eco Forest) and ensuring that WOLF was well funded. Susan McCaslin's launching of The Han Shan Poetry Initiative brought great publicity to the cause of the forest and truly became a global happening. Susan Falk's generous donation of the proceeds from sale of her art show in May 2013 are the reason that WOLF has insurance. The continuing news coverage that these and other events garnered are what brought the forest's plight to the attention of Mrs. Blaauw and family. These are just the practical prosaic contributions that they have made. By allowing the forest to inspire themselves and each other they made an artistic gift to the world that would have survived even if the forest had not . WOLF is  enormously grateful that we have both around to appreciate. I myself have fond memories of the mad chaos of those times that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Susan McCaslin has emailed me to say that nature will be a theme for the night and that she will be reading from some poems she wrote for the Han Shan project. 

Kirk Robertson
WOLF Chair

Poetic Form and the Mystical Muse:
A Collaboration of Poetry and the Visual Arts

Saturday May 17
7-9 pm

You are cordially invited to attend a free poetry book launch with

Susan McCaslin & Lee Johnson

in collaboration with local visual artists

Kristin Krimmel & and Susan J. Falk

at their exhibition, The French Connection

The Fort Gallery
9048 Glover Road, Fort Langley, BC

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