Thursday, 21 May 2015

WOLF Annual General Meeting MAY 24,2015


    UPDATE    Due to circumstance beyond the control of Watchers of Langley Forests the WOLF AGM cannot be held at the venue of the Community Hall. The new venue is at the 
Riverside Room at the back of the building where the Fort Pub is located.The meeting will still be held at 1 pm May 24. The address is 9277 Glover Road but the best way to access is to walk in from Billy Brown Road through Le'lem Square.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

We hope you can make it.

-Kirk Robertson
Watchers of Langley Forests

Watchers of Langley Forests(WOLF) will be holding its 2nd Annual General Meeting on May
24 at 1 pm at(see above for new venue). The membership of WOLF will gather to elect a portion of the Board of Directors. Mark Haddock,a professor of environmental law at the University of Victoria and a Langley Township resident will be the featured speaker.

WOLF is a forest conservation group in the Township of Langley. In its short period of
existence the members of WOLF have seen highs and lows. It was established in 2012 to
campaign against the sale of what is now known as the Blaauw Eco Forest in the Glen Valley
area of Langley Thanks to the generosity of the Blaauw family the Blaauw Eco forest has
since been aside as an educational,research, and conservation area for Trinity Western
University.Since January 2014 much of WOLF’s efforts were focused on persuading
Township Council not to sell Creekside Forest, an urban forest in the Aldergrove area. In early
March Council voted five to four to proceed with the sale.

Featured speaker Mark Haddock will talk about how the successful campaign to save the
Blaauw Forest relates to the conservation of old growth forests in a provincial context.
The address for the Fort Langley Community Hall is 9167 Glover Road.The membership fee
for WOLF is ten dollars.


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