Monday, 3 December 2012


Save Mclellan Park 
Stuart Bucholtz talks about the ecological functions of the forest
Save Langley's Mclellan Park
Tim and Thilo from B.E.A.R. perform for Langley Fine Arts students November 15.
Save Mclellan Park -The Children Speak
Save Mclellan Park - The Women Speak 
Gail Chaddock Costello Speaks at Art in the Park Event
Wilderness Committee On the Ground Report
Featuring speeches and performances at Art in the Park event
Joe Foy speech in it's entirety
Also featuring speech from Gail Chaddock-Costello and a letter from Shane Dyson is read out.
Remarks by David Jordan . Scott Perry,and Mark Haddock,and Susan McCaslin.
Leonard Howell on Mclellan Park
Also featuring Hilary Ruffini and Mark Haddock

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