Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Township of Langley agrees to defer sale to January 21st

Thank you for your support!

Council has deferred the sale and will revisit this issue at their January 21st, 2013 meeting.

We received the following email from Mayor Froese of the Township of Langley today...

Mr. Perry,

I'm sorry you had to hear second hand that the matter had been deferred until Jan 21 Or next full council meeting. As you know the contract with WOLF lapsed on Dec 7. With the subjects not removed and no new or revised contract negotiated with WOLF it is difficult to proceed with WOLF.

However, after hearing all of the delegations, Council decided that more time was needed to make a decision on the matter of the Glen Valley lands.

I trust this helps to answer any questions you have.


Mayor Froese

WOLF would like to thank all those that have publicly supported the preservation of these properties. The Directors of WOLF will meet soon to discuss future plans. Please stay tuned as your continued support and assistance will be required.

Thank you again!

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