Saturday, 24 November 2012


In case you missed it the first time here is another way to watch the video Joe Foy made of the arts event on October 28,2012.

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  1. why should the citizens of Langley have to purchase land that already belongs to them? To whom does the $3M get paid? If this seems illegal, you can get an injunction if necessary.

    In my town of Rigaud, Qc., the council was ready to sell a public woods to a developer. Three of us did an educational presentation to the mayor and council, naming the trees (shag-bark and cordiform hickory, maple, ironwood) and their ages, arguing that the village is more valuable with the trees to attract recreational activity than without them, and we won them over. Of course it was a tiny fraction of the entire forest we would have liked to preserve, but some is better than none. Good luck with your project.