Saturday, 17 November 2012


 If you are in Aldergrove today  (Saturday November 17) you might want to attend the Joint Town Halll style forum that  is being held at the  Kinsman Center  between 1-3 pm. The address is 26770 29 Ave. The two Langley Mayors,the School Board Chair and federal MP Mark Warawa will be in attendance. The public will be able to submit written questions. If you are unable to attend in person you can also ask questions via Twitter by tweeting @Mayor Froese, @MPmarkwarawa, or @LangleySchools, using hashtag #asktol.

You could ask the Mayor Froese
1)Why Langley residents have to privately pay for their natural heritage while their modern amenities are paid for with tax dollars?
2)Will the conifer forest or McLellan Park West be protected by designating it as set aside for conservation purposes?

Or you could ask Mark Warawa
What ways the Federal Government can help the Township, the Province ,and WOLF protect the Mclellan Park East  Forest?

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