Thursday, 8 November 2012


You are cordially invited to attend a celebration of a rare mature forest in Glen Valley, Langley organized by students and faculty from The Langley School of Fine Arts. Students will be sharing their various art forms in the forest and there will be a choir. The event is open to the public. The event takes place on Thurs. Nov. 15, 2-3:30 pm.

On Thursday, November 15th, several senior classes from LFAS are heading to McLellan forest to view, perform, photograph, write, draw, sing, dance... to honor and experience a local space that is on the development block. This collaborative arts sharing in the forest has never happened before, and we hope that it will be a magical experience. Local and nationwide press will be there covering the event as well. The students are being educated in advance about the political and economical concerns surrounding the forest and will be encouraged to develop their own opinions.

McLellan Forest is a 25 acre parcel that is for sale by the Township. It is a mixed conifer/deciduous forest with different types of habitat. There is extensive vegetation on the forest floor, various tree types and over 100 species of birds and animals that have been observed by naturalists. Some of the trees may be as old as 240 years. One area may have been marsh/bog in the nineteenth century and very likely has never been logged. Another area contains some stumps with evidence of pioneer logging. The thick vegetation makes this forest appear larger than its 25 acres.

Visit the photo album of the Forest.
Thursday, November 15th Schedule-

Thursday, November 15th Schedule-
1:30 students arrive in buses
2:15 or so Introductions of the forest by Kirk Robertson and Susan McCaslin
2:30 Student performances and presentations. (Singing, poetry, a youth choir etc.)
3:00 Student tours of forest
3:30 Students return to LFAS
UPDATE: The above schedule now reflects the correct times  

Bring good hiking boots, possible rain gear.

Directions: If coming from Fort Langley follow River Road east, make a right at 256th Street, then make a left on to 84th Ave. 257th Street is on the left-hand side. If coming from Aldergrove go north on 264th Street, make a left on to 84th Ave, 257th street is on the the right-hand side

Email to for more questions. Address correspondence to Kirk Robertson.

BLOGGERS NOTE: I want to emphasize that this is not a WOLF event. It is being organized by teachers and students at Langley Fine Arts School. This is their opportunity to learn about the forest and the controversy around it. Mayor Froese and Councillor Fox had an opportunity to speak on behalf of the Township to students at LFAS yesterday (Wednesday November 7) Mark Haddock spoke briefly in a personal capacity in favour of conserving the forest. I am told that he will have a chance to speak to student again as the Mayor and Councillor Fox had more time allloted to them.
Any questions that I receive I will be happy to anwer if I know the answer. With regard to this event if I do not know I will refer to the organizers. As it says above this event is open to the public I hope you can make it,
-Kirk Robertson

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