Tuesday, 29 January 2013


As you can read below the Township Council voted Monday to sell two of the lots of the forest that were already for sale as well as two lots that were not for sale. This would be all the lots along 260th. All the lots along 257A are to be preserved. The Township is presenting this as an acceptable compromise. It is not. The forest is a whole ecosystem and must be preserved as such. When you loose half a forest in size you get something less than half a forest. This land has been identified by the provincial Ministry of Environment as having regional ecological significance and as being an important candidate for an ecological reserve. The Council is aware that Minister of Environment has been asked to get involved in order to save this property. Rather than adding their voice  to ours  they have chosen to ignore these issues. This is not any kind of balance that respects the environment. This is lip service.

Let the Mayor know what you think.

Please continue to write to the Minister of the Environment. Barring Township Council changing their mind only timely intervention from the provincial government can save this forest now.

More soon.

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