Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Township Council has once again deferred making any decision regarding the proposed sale of the Mclellan Park East(aka the Gray Pit Lands) until at least Monday January 28. This has been confirmed by Legislative Services at the Township. A note to that effect should be found in the minutes of from Monday's meetings. Those minutes should be available for public viewing on the Township website by Friday.

We don't know why the Mayor and  Council has put off the decision but it surely has something to do with the public interest in saving this threatened forest and the ecological issues that WOLF has identified. Please continue to express your support for saving this ecological gem. As always please do so in a courteous and polite manner. WOLF thanks you for your support.

Please continue to write to the Minister of the Environment to ask him to get involved in finding a solution to this problem. When you do so cc your message to the Mayor and Council and your MLA. Already peole from acroos the Province have already written. The forest is of reginoal ecological significance and saving it should be a provincial issue and not just a local issue.

-Kirk Robertson

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