Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Accomplished Langley artist Susan Falk visited endangered McLellan Forest East in Glen Valley east of Fort Langley during an arts and activism event in the forest on Oct. 28, 2012. Afterwards, she was inspired to create this piece, “McLellan Forest,” which she later generously donated to the local conservationist group WOLF (Watchers of Langley Forests) to help further their efforts to see this rare ecosystem protected for future generations.
Langley artist Susan Falk with her work "McLellan Forest" at the Fort  Gallery
WOLF is selling the painting by silent auction  at The Fort Gallery. Bids begin at $400.00 and the bidding goes till the end of February Bidding is in increments of fifty dollars. People can bid either at the Fort Gallery personally or by emailing Susan Falk at  

WOLF would like to express their gratitude to Susan Falk for her generosity in this matter.

Check out  these newspaper  stories.

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