Thursday, 19 July 2012

I  have not disappeared. I have just been distracted. I know that interest is fading but now more than ever. It is important to keep up the pressure on Coucil and keep this issue front and center in the public's eye . I feel that for the last few days I have failed in that regard and for that I apologize. If you care about this issue you can write a letter to the editor or contact a media outlet and ask them why they haven't  did more to cover this issue.You can still contact the Mayor and Council by phone or email.

Mayor Jack Froese 604-533-6000

Kim Richter -- 604-340-9517
David Davis -- 604-888-1402
Michelle Sparrow -- 604-340-5087
Bev Dornan --  604-340-1554
Bob Long -- 604-671-8948
Charlie Fox -- 604-532-3587
Grant Ward -- 604-532-3584
Steve Ferguson --  604-532-3585

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