Sunday, 8 July 2012

Larri Woodrow Continues to Speak Out

The following was written by Larri Woodrow of the BCWF as an open letter to Mayor and Council

Your Worship Mayor Froese and Councillors,

Re: The sale of Township properties, including vacant roadways.

I invite you to read Pete McMartin's column in today's Saturday Sun.
In late April, Katherine and I travelled Europe's Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers aboard Viking's Odin, a new ship on her maiden voyage, from Amsterdam to Budapest, a 15 day cruise with numerous lengthy stops along the way. Often I chose Europe's woodsy trail walks over streets and shops. Trees held numerous bird nesting boxes, but there was an obvious lack of birds compared to my walks along our Langley and Metro trails. 

For those who choose to rise with the sun to walk our wetlands trails in springtime, our male blackbirds especially can be heard singing their hearts out in chorused competition for mates along our marshlands. Europe's birds have mostly been silenced by mankind's overwhelming supremacy. We're now the dominant occupants and most raucous noisemakers. For those who choose to walk tuned to Nature (without earphones or Ipads) our noisemakings are not songs of budding spring love, but of industry in constant progress.

McMartin has it right. Do you?

I ask that you demonstrate reason and balance by voting for the birds---for fish and wildlife habitat conservation. Keep these properties in pubic trust. Voting to retain Township properties is important, especially for future generations. It's important right now for fish & wildlife. As scientists recently pointed out to world leaders gathered in Brazil at the Rio+20 Summit Conference, conserving fish & wildlife habitat will help ensure our survival. 

"A LAND FIT FOR FISH AND WILDLIFE IS A LAND FIT FOR PEOPLE" ---was the slogan at our annual April BC Wildlife Federation Convention and AGM held in Courtenay. Our 40,000 plus members in BC need the help of every mayor and council. Right now, I have you "in my sights".

I look forward to Monday evening's meeting and the Greens turn-out. I regret to report that I didn't get back home in time to register to present directly to you.

FOR SALE:    "NO TREES OF INTEREST" --as advertised on

Larri Woodrow
21501 85A Court
Director, Lower Mainland Region, BC Wildlife Federation
Director, Trails Society of BC

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