Monday, 30 July 2012


The Watchers of Langley Forests are seeking volunteers to help with an  event or events on the August long weekend. Let us know what you can help with and we will see what we can do to build around it. For now we are planning a free guided tour at the Gray Pit site and some petition gathering in at least one location in Langley.You can reach us at Include the subject line Volunteer.
UPDATE ;Watchers of Langley Forest will be holding a petition gathering drive in Fort Langley on August 5.The free guided tours will be on the August 12 weekend. Everything above about letting us know how you can help and we will see about how to build something around that still applies
FURTHER UPDATE: For those of you who are not familiar with forest we are trying to save here is a brief outline. The Gray Pit forest is the rather awkward name we have given to the twenty five acres of coniferous and deciduous trees behind the inactive gravel pit known as Gray Pit. The forest divided into five lots has been owned by the Township of Langley for seventy to ninety years. Recently the municipality put it up for sale. Another twenty one acres of conifer forest about three blocks west was also put on the market.After public protest the sale of this property ,sometimes known as Mclellan Park, was cancelled.The Gray Pit forest still remains for sale although the Township for now does not seem to be actively marketing it.A group of Langley citizens have come together to seek the preservation of both forests.We are calling ourselves the Watchers of Langley Forests or WOLF. It is important to keep this story front and center in order to increase public awareness and keep the pressure on Township of Langley. The upcoming events are part of that strategy.To learn more about environmental concerns we have tried to raise and how our campaign has progressed  you can read this blog. If you have any questions send an email to the word Question in the subject.

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