Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday Night

council agenda
I thought I would take a few minutes and lay out as best I could what to expect tonight  at the council meeting mostly in terms of procedure.Since this is only the  second council meeting that I have attended I can hardly claim expert status so everyone should consider themselves forewarned. The council agenda consists of twenty items of business each given a letter running in alphabetical order from the first in time to the last.Thus A is the first thing to be considered and T the last.There are three items to be considered by council that are relevant to the fight to keep the Mclellan park and Gray pit forests.

Item D is the delegations. Five people will speak .Scott Perry,Stuart Bucholtz,Barbara Shelly,Albert Anderson,and Hillary Ruffini. Each will have five minutes to speak. All are friends of Mclellan Park.

 I've copied and pasted the other two items from the agenda They are the fifteenth item:
 O. ITEMS BROUGHT FORWARD FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION FROM SPECIAL CLOSED MEETINGS The following item is brought forward from the June 25, 2012 Special Closed Council meeting: 1. Glen Valley Lots Offered for Sale That the following memorandums from the Manager, Property Services be released to the public:  memorandum (Item H.3) dated June 19, 2012 from the Manager, Property Services, regarding Glen Valley lots offered for sale; and  memo dated June 25, 2012 (Item H.6) from the Manager, Property Services, regarding Township-owned properties in Glen Valley. Section 90(1) (e) Property; (k) Negotiations CARRIED

I'm not gotng to speculate as to what is in these memorandums excepts to say that since they are dated before the close of bidding so  they can't be expected to contain any final bids.

The eighteenth item is;
 R. OTHER BUSINESS At the June 25, 2012 Regular Evening Meeting of Council, Councillor Richter provided the following Notices of Motion: 1. Land Disposition Policy Be it resolved that staff amend the land disposition policy to ensure maximum public notification/exposure of sale properties and maximum financial return on property sales as well as final Council approval of all sale prices. 2. Disposition of Surplus Township-Owned Lands Be it resolved that Council and senior staff adopt a policy of touring surplus Township-owned lands prior to deciding to sell lands.

Note that this speaks directly to what Stuart Bucholtz said at the last monday evening meeting June 25.

Well that's your general overview I hope it helps

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