Sunday, 8 July 2012

Larri Woodrow Speaks Out

Larri Woodrow at the British Columbia Wilderness Federation sent the following letter to the editor printed in the Langley Times.

Editor: There has been plenty of evidence that fish and wildlife habitat destruction leads to increased human suffering and our eventual extinction. This point was made clear to world leaders from 169 nations at the Rio+20 Conference.
I suggest that readers look at reports from that conference.
Given our obvious circumstances, it makes no sense to sell off Langley Township-owned forested properties, including vacant road allowances.
To do so for short-term tax relief reasons ignores the greater need to protect our fish and wildlife habitat to ensure their survival and ours as well.
While I was not able to attend Monday’s council meeting about the sale of forested lands in Glen Valley, count me with the Greens.
Larri Woodrow, director,
Lower Mainland Region,
BC Wildlife Federation,

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