Monday, 30 July 2012

WOLF Speaks to Mayor and Council

On July 22 weekend a number of Langley residents came together to discuss the conservation of the forested lands in Glen Valley. We reached a consensus to call our group the Watchers of Langley Forests.
The July 23 Evening meeting of Township Council was the first opportunity for our group to make delegations to Council.
The statement in this link was made by Scott Perry on behalf of  Watchers of Langley Forests.
The statement in this link was made by Hilary Ruffini ,also with WOLF
The statement by Kirk Robertson,also with WOLF, was made with the aid of  a rough sketch
You can watch the whole thing here
To access click on the link.Click on the link under Archived Council meeting.A pop up will appear inside your window.Click on July 23 on the calendar in the top right hand corner.Select regular evening meeting at the top of the list and the video should play. The delegations begin about the  21:49 mark

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