Thursday, 5 July 2012

Making our voice heard.

It is difficult to say who was the first to voice their opposition. In cases like this people find out more or less simultaneously. They take various actions to voice their concerns and to reach out to others. Phone calls are made, emails are written,letters of protest are written, conversations, serious and casual are had. Perhaps meetings are called.
Other people with different perspectives than mine would tell the tale differently.For me the story of publie opposition began when Stuart Bucholtz came to my parents and mine  home June 20. Stuart himself does not get paper delivery and had only heard of the proposed sale about a week before. Until then the neigbourhood had been either ignorant of what going on or quietly unhappy. My parents knew but I didn't.
Stuart and his family have enjoyed the property that we will call Mclellan Park for decades and he chose to take action.Together with Albert Anderson ,owner of Aldor Acres, and a few other neighbours a petition was written and signatures began to be collected. Faced with the  prospect of execution within a fortnight they chose to concentrate their energies on saving the Mclellan Park property.

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